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The Occupational Therapy Council has published a Communique on the meeting held on 9 October 2010.

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OTC Communique 9 October 2010 [2 pages]

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Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Council (Aust & NZ) Inc

The Council of Occupational Therapists Registration Boards (Australia & New Zealand) Inc. ("COTRB") was established in 1996 in Queensland for the consideration of matters of joint or common concern or interest to the Occupational Therapists Registration Boards in Australia and New Zealand. On the 17 February 2010 the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (SA) approved amendment to its Constitution and Rules and a change of name to the Occupational Therapy Council (Australia & New Zealand) Inc. ("OTC")

The OTC is an independent body comprising membership from the 5 State / Territory Occupational Therapy Registration Boards in Australia and New Zealand.The Board of Management comprises registered occupational therapists (nominated by the Registration Boards), nominees from the professional associations (Occupational Therapy Australia Limited (OTAL) and New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists), nominees from the Australian and New Zealand Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ANZCOTE) and community representation.

The primary objects of OTC are to -
  • Assess for the purpose of granting accreditation to, programs leading to eligibility for registration as an occupational therapist;
  • Advise and make recommendations to the occupational therapy registering authorities (or successor body(ies)) relating to the accredited status to be granted to an occupational therapy program;
  • Develop, review and maintain accreditation standards and processes to assess occupational therapy programs;
  • Develop and implement an overseas skills assessment process to ensure the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes of overseas trained occupational therapists is of an equivalent standard to occupational therapists in Australia and New Zealand;
  • Provide information and advice to Government concerning the adequacy of a personís qualifications and skills in the field of occupational therapy for the purposes of migration to Australia and New Zealand;
  • Provide information and advice to Government relating to law and policy concerning accreditation and competency requirements for the registration of occupational therapists;
The Council became an incorporated body on 21 January 2000.

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